Non Ferric Memories - aW bOOn hAw / aW bOOn pAr

Introducing the latest wave of aural assault from NoN FeRrIc MeMoRiEs. 'Aw Boon Haw / Aw Boon Par' a single 39 minute track of themes and sutured sounds that attempts to capture the eerie atmosphere of Haw Par Villa in Singapore, a decaying theme park full of concrete sculptures portraying bizarre and disturding Chinese folk-tales...

Standard edition digi pack £5 plus £1 P+P

A special hand-bound edition by Me Presents is in the works and coming soon, including a follow-up 45 minute CD of extra material continuing the Haw Par journey, and 20 pages of 'exquisite-corpse' psychoactive line action. These will be ultra limited but anyone wanting to pre-order can do so by emailing us