About Non Ferric Memories

Born from a past listening to the most challenging brands of music and infused with a desire to stretch the envelope past ripping point, NoNFeRiC MeMoRiEs eschew the hackneyed conventions of cliched traditional music for something calamitous and chaotic. Improvised drones issue from crudely cobbled instruments in a cacaphonic maelstrom which rejects the conventions of verse, chorus, tuning or traditional time signature. Instead, they rely on the psychoacoustics and random patterns thrown up by their meddling; sometimes dark, sometimes comic - but never the same twice. Their mission is to take what looks like complete ineptitude and rub it in your face. If you want a tribute band, to admire the fingering technique of the latest balding guitar bore or want something warm and cosy, they are not for you (which frankly, is exactly how they'd like things too).

An established part of the underground west-country noise-rock and cassette scene with several well received gigs under their belts, NoN FeRiIc MeMoRiEs continually evolve. Like a virulent amoeba on an agar-jelly plate, NfM will extend a pseudopod and infect your ear canal with a view to drilling on through into your mind.